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Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner Review

Trane Clean Effects utilizes patented electrostatic air cleaning technology to remove up to 99% of airborne dust and pollen from the air that passes through the filter.  Like other electronic cleaners, Trane CleanEffects electrically charges airborne particles. These charged particles are then pulled toward collection cells where they are removed from the air.  The Clean Effects system has a very low pressure drop enabling it to clean the air throughout your house. The Trane air cleaner accomplishes this by using the HVAC air handler to move the air through your house. This can be very effective while the fan is operating on your HVAC system, however if your fan is not operating the Trane Clean Effects system will not have the air circulation to clean your air.

Approximate Price: $1,025

Finn Air Purifier

Overall Air Purifier Rating: 7.1/10

1.25 out of 2
Ease of Use Rating

The Trane Cleaneffects air cleaner requires professional installation so there is extra cost and effort as opposed to the room air cleaners.  The electrostatic plates require cleaning every 2-3 months in order for the air cleaner to operate at its peak efficiency.

2 out of 2
Air Flow

The Trane Clean Effects air cleaner leverages your home air handling unit to move the air through the Trane filter allowing you to clean an area of 1,500 to 2,000 sq ft.

2.1 out of 3
Filter Efficiency

The Trane Clean Effects removed 70% of the airborne particles that were passing through the air filter.

1.75 out of 3
Consumer Feedback

Trane has done a nice job in marketing the Clean Effects and we were able to find numerous reviews at GardenWeb.com and some at ConsumerReports (requires subscription).  Most people rated it at 3 stars and the most common decision to purchase was to remove dust or get allergy relief.  The Clean Effects can be a good match due to its’ high air flow and high efficiency rating.  Some commented very favorably as to the air purifier working as marketed however we were surprised to find many reviewers comment on how difficult it is to open the door to the filter and challenges related to cleaning the air purifier.  Some reported dissatisfaction with having to run the air handler 24/7 for the air purifier to be effective.

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