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Amway Quixtar Atmosphere Air Purifier Review

The Amway Atmosphere air purifier uses a pre-filter and HEPA air filter to remove allergens, dust and bacteria from the air.  The Atmosphere air purifier also features a carbon filter to help with odor removal. In searching the web we could only find this air purifier through Amway's Quixtar site. While we were impressed with a high level of filter efficiency, meaning the ability of the air purifier to remove airborne particles we were a bit shocked at the filter replacement costs.

Approximate Price: $1499

atmosphere air purifier

Overall Air Purifier Rating: 8.3/10

1.7 out of 2
Ease of Use Rating

The Atmosphere air purifier is fairly easy to set up and operate as rated by most users. There is a pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter.  The HEPA filter requires replacement every 3-60 months but there is no cleaning involved. After replacing the filter you will need to manually reset the filter replacement indicator. This air purifier has an auto feature that operates based upon the dust conditions in the room.

1.7 out of 2
Air Flow

The Amway Atmosphere air purifier has a max air flow of 245 cfm (cubic feet per minute) in our testing on the higher fan speeds so in our opinion it can clean rooms in the 400 sq ft range( 20’ x 20’).  The noise level at the highest fan speed is louder than we feel most users would want while in a room and found the Atmosphere air purifier to be similar in noise level to other leading HEPA air purifiers.

2.9 out of 3
Filter Efficiency

The Atmosphere air purifier removed 99% of the particles at the 0.3 micron level that were passing through the air purifier.  This places the Atmosphere air purifier in the top tier of air purifier performance.

2.0 out of 3
Consumer Feedback

In scouring the web for customer reviews we could only find input from folks that are associated with Amway. Consumer Reports tested the Atmosphere air purifier and rated it in the middle of the pack for room air purifiers with a filter. In general, they lost ground due to a high noise level on the high fan speeds and low particle removal rates on the low fan speeds. The filter replacement costs are also much higher than any other air purifier we have seen at $500 or more per year if the air purifier is operated continuosly. The Atmosphere air purifier is loaded with features and compared to other models it is only missing UV lamps.

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Amway Site (to learn about products, contact info).