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Air Purifier Reviews

Updated for 2016. Welcome! Our goal is to provide you with free air purifier reviews in an easy to read comparison format. This content is from our internal engineering reviews, consumer feedback ratings, other independent test results of HEPA air purifiers and videos. By combining rigorous testing with actual consumer ratings and third party air purifier reviews, we (about us) hope that you find our site a valuable resource.

In sorting through our listing of air purifier rankings you can find the cleaner that is best suited for your home. In doing the homework for you, we also hope to save you time in your quest for clean air and better indoor air quality so you can start to breathe easier.

To give you better insights into the top ranked air purifiers we have included product videos. What you will see are the best videos available from youtube to save you time in your research and see them in action.

Air Purifiers Comparison

Each air purifier is grouped based upon its air purifying technology.  There are many differences in how each air purifier cleans the air. These pages provide the information you need to make the best choice. 

air purifier reviews

Here is a listing of each air purifier review category:

If you are unsure of where to start, we recommend the air purifiers we rated as best overall

This listing is a summary of the air cleaners that received the highest grades in our testing as well as the most positive reviews from actual consumers.  Leading agencies such as the EPA, American Lung Association and Department of Homeland Security favor HEPA based air purifiers. Therefore HEPA filters comprise most of the top rated list.

If you want an introduction to what an air purifier is please visit this article to get an overview.

About Our Rating Process

The air purifiers on our site have been thoroughly reviewed with the primary test criteria being ease of use, air flow and filter efficiency. 

1. Ease of use describes the relative ease of operating the air purifier including general operation and the air filter replacement process. 

2. The air flow is a measure of the amount of air that is effectively pushed through the air purifier. This is one of the best metrics used to determine the size of the room the air purifier can clean. 

3. The final measurement is the air filter efficiency. This is a rating of the percentage of airborne particles that are removed by the air purifier with each air passage. 

The combination of these three metrics provides a strong foundation to rate air purifiers.  Other considerations such as product quality, design and power consumption are factored into the air purifier reviews but they will mainly be found in the consumer review sections. 

We also considered the technologies and favored HEPA and UV over electrostatic purifiers. We hope you find our air purifier reviews beneficial and look forward to serving you with content that is informative and valuable.